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accountability, from anywhere.

It doesn’t matter anymore!  Whether you’re traveling or not local to us, Team MLP has the live, fully interactive and results-driven answer for you.  You can now have the best results from anywhere…we’ll save you a slot!

No equipment? No problem. We've got you covered, and it's free!

Upon signing up for any Virtual Training package, you get your own Team MLP work out from home starter kit and a one hour virtual consultation/goal analysis...all for free!



Exercise Bands



“This is the next best thing to working with Jay in his gym.”

"He's able to adapt to the equipment you currently have at home; I'm still getting the same intensity and burn from our workouts. Jay is able to demonstrate and correct as you go along in real-time thanks to a strong video/audio connection."
derek james


Whether you’re a current Team MLP 1on1 client or not, you WILL maintain consistency on the go,  Leaving for vacation or work?  Book a session anyway, and we’ll bring the productive pain.


In a crunch and want to book last minute?  Let us know and we’ll fit you into the training schedule THAT day. 


Hotel gym…no equipment…at the park…still at the gym?  Book a session and carry Team MLP along with you for that workout.  We’re working with what you’re working with!