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Justin Marks
Todd Shapiro
Team MLP Client 1+ Years
For five years 2x/wk, I have trained with Jay at the recommendation of another friend who trained with him. I came to him as a new mother looking to get back into good habits. I gained that & a wonderful friend. He never lets me slide, no matter how much of a brat I am. Jay motivates & tells you the whys of how a move or combo of moves work to build your body. He imparts knowledge & builds strong bodies. It is completely inspiring to work with him.
personal training results
Linda Arntzen
Jay is the most honest, reliable and personalized trainer I’ve ever had. He’s easy to talk to and always available to answer questions on my program and my nutrition. Jay is great at motivating me and keeping my workouts interesting while pushing me to the limit
Derek James
Derek James
Award-Winning News Anchor
I started working with Jay at Team MLP a couple of years ago. With personalized workouts and nutrition plans, he has helped me get into the best shape of my life. The World of Outlaws have one of the toughest schedules in racing, but Jay has helped me become stronger and healthier to endure our crazy season and keep up with all these up and coming young drivers.
Shane Stewart
World Of Outlaws Driver
Jay is truly an excellent trainer that focuses on total body conditioning. The results I have achieved are largely due to Jay’s combination of challenging, diverse and fully customized training programs. Jay is definitely one of the best trainers in Charlotte, NC. Jay has more enthusiasm and energy than any person I’ve ever met. He is a master of his craft, incredibly bright with a vast knowledge of health and fitness.
Kevin Spence
Jay was my trainer for six months. During that time I made excellent progress. He is SO knowledgeable & also very willing to share what he discovered. With Jay, there are no cookie cutter routines. He customizes them to your needs and drive. I learned a tremendous amount about how to train and why. Thanks, Jay.
Rand Frattini
School Teacher
Jay is a great trainer for anyone looking to get in shape or stay in shape. He’ll make you work hard but he’s also incredibly patient. When I started I had no idea how to even lift a weight and a year later I get more compliments on how trim and in shape I look than I did in my college years. Worth it!!!
Michael Wilson
Graphic Designer
I asked Jay to write me a meal plan a couple of months ago. I wanted to have a competitive meal plan along with the workouts I was doing to maximize my weight loss potential. Jay took my goals and comprised a meal plan to fit them. Jay also kept following up with me to ensure I was following the plan and to check progress. I am still on my journey but I wouldn’t be where I am now without the great assistance from Jay! I highly recommend Jay to anyone looking to lose just a few pounds or over 100!
Tim Farmer
I am a busy mom and I don’t always have time or should I say, make time when I’m exhausted to get in every single nightly workout in the program. However, in doing as many nights as my time allowed, it surprised me to see that I still managed to lose 11 lbs and 1.5 inches! I think the workout plans look more overwhelming than they really are and once you start them your body gets more accustomed and you can really start to see results! I highly recommend Jay to help you meet your goals as well as his well-planned workout programs! Thanks Jay!
Tandi Brown
The MLP Assault Training Protocol has put me into the best shape I have ever been in. It has been a challange for me but I stuck through it and reached the goals that I desired from the beginning. Starting out with a goal to lose a couple of inches and tone up, I exceeded my expectations and not only reached these two goals but feel as if I excelled at them. This plan was not only a physical program as it was also a mental program. Many times I wanted to give in and stop when the pain was present but I knew to keep pushing through and that with Jay’s plan I would become stronger and leaner. Each day I pressed through the workout and stuck with my customized diet and made more and more results. I feel much more confident in myself and much more motivated to keep going with my journey to a more fit body. I recommend that everyone who asks me what I am doing to talk to Jay. Like he always says, stronger then yesterday.
Shelby MLP
Shelby Layton
Team MLP is something I’ve grown to love. After doing both of the training protocols I can say without hesitation I am very excited to do the third. Transitioning from being a professional athlete to a small business owner has certainly been a huge change in how and when I workout. I found that it was very easy to slip out of a normal routine and found myself wanting some kind of structure to follow. Insert the Training Protocol. Jay without a doubt has formulated a very unique combination of exercises and rep ranges that are sure to put even the most seasoned gym rat through the ringer. I can remember the first day of the Training Protocol and kicking myself for starting it, and later patting myself on the back for finishing. If you’re looking for an easy program designed to give you warm fuzzies at the gym, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for something to challenge you every time you work out and give you real results, look no further. I highly recommend this program to anyone regardless of your fitness level and challenge you to not see results. Jay is always there to answer any question I may have and give his expert advice at a moments notice. He’s the real deal and I expected nothing less from his training regimen.
Matt Dodge
Former NFL Punter / Entrepreneur
This year I decided to work with Jay for my dietary needs to prepare for the Mid Atlantic Classic bodybuilding competition in Charlotte, NC. This is something I’ve always done on my own but have never been satisfied with, but Jay took me to a whole other level. 11 weeks out from the show I started Jay’s diet weighing around 198 pounds at 10.7% body fat and within four weeks I was down to 6.4 % body fat. The diet was simple, easy and kept me from having any cravings for junk all while trimming me down and adding muscle mass. After 11 whole weeks I was no doubt in the best shape of my life at 185 pounds, 4.2% body fat and I placed an extremely close and questionable 2nd in my competition. Without Jay there is no way I would have done so well and stuck to the diet as long as I did. I can’t wait to work with Jay again to put some added size on this offseason and make improvements to my body.
Ranson MLP
Ranson Lee
Bodybuilder / Powerlifter
I have done workout programs before but this one is nothing like any of the others. Most programs have 3 sets of 8-12 reps every week and the same exercises for about 12 weeks. This program switches it up though, with the high intensity of the super sets and the painful century sets, the muscles did not have time to get used to the program and were constantly tested. I came into the program open minded and hoping to gain about 10-12 lbs of mass, but after the second week I had actually cut from 204 down to 190. I had burned off so much fat due to the short breaks and intensity of this workout. If you do not have the heart, nor the will to actually make a change in your body or lifestyle I don’t recommend this. If you actually do want to make a positive impact on your life I strongly recommend this program. It wasn’t easy, nor was it fun at times but I am in the best shape that I have been in after working out for about 4 years. I went from benching 185 about 10-12 times from the start to 22 reps on Week 8. I cut body fat and lost weight but gained size and strength. I didn’t like Jay at times, but the burn kept me going and the quick changes that I saw pushed me along. Not only do I feel stronger but it also changed my lifestyle. From doing 8 weeks of a customized diet (which was terrible at first, I missed my dirty bulking), I can no longer eat fast food or junk food without feeling sick. Even though the 8 weeks is up, I still continue a healthy diet along with a healthier lifestyle. Excellent program.
Buddy MLP
Buddy Layton
At the end of last school year, I got lazy and barely went to the gym. I became very unhappy with how I was looking, but starting the MLP Assault Training Protocol changed all of that. Every day I went to the gym and worked my butt off as hard as I could and did the workout plan along with my customized diet. The motivation level that this workout gave me was insane. After the 8 weeks, I lost size in my waist and stomach and gained it in areas that I wanted to. I gained 8 pounds overall with an end weight of 208! I look better and feel better. I have had great success but now that it’s over I’m going to keep pushing harder and not let these great results go.
Patrick MLP
Patrick Mullis
I run and do other types of cardio to keep fit but needed to incorporate strength training into my fitness program and the 60 day challenge has been a great way to do just that. My family has noticed that my arms and abs are becoming more toned and I can tell that I am stronger than when I first started! Thanks Jay for helping me get started & for all of the encouragement!
Alely Lee
The 60 day challenge has been an awesome experience for me! I feel better overall and more confident in myself. I definitely saw a change when completing the workouts, changing my diet and adding in more cardio to my routine. I will continue to work hard, shred a few more pounds and become stronger everyday! Thanks Jay for the knowledge and opportunity! Keep changing peoples lives, being fit is a lifestyle! Good luck everyone!
Drew Knighten
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