The Team.

At Team MLP, we expect nothing less than greatness from not only our clients but especially ourselves.  We are made up of badasses of all kinds including (but never limited to) race car drivers (NASCAR/IMSA/WOO), news anchors, servicemen, moms, dads, SuperBowl Champions, graphics designers, grandparents, law enforcement…people.  Come join us on our ongoing journey and know that we are excited to have you adding to our story, making us all stronger than yesterday.


Team MLP started with a bang when our founder, Jay Johnson was named to Elevate Lifestyle Magazine‘s Top 30 Under 30 in Charlotte alongside the likes of Cam Newton and Webb Simpson within 6 months of starting the business. This has since been followed up by being named Best of the City by Elevate Lifestyle 13 consecutive times over 8 years for personal training with the last five years bringing awards for best nutrition coach as well.

Team MLP Charlotte

The Trainer.

Jay Johnson is an award-winning personal trainer, nutrition coach and the founder of Team MLP / Muscle Lab Performance in Charlotte, NC.  Along with 16 years of training experience, Jay is also an experienced fitness writer, with work that can be found on, and addressing issues that many of us face in the gym ranging from motivation, to exercise technique and choosing the correct foods to eat on a daily basis.

Jay integrates his one-of-a-kind training philosophies into his work, reflecting years of research and much hands-on testing in the gym. These cutting edge programming schemes aim to not only create a greater result but do so in a more user-friendly and maintainable manner. These methods have been specifically designed to accelerate the results-making process, as Jay feels that success lies within a series of adjustments that fit YOUR life.

In his spare time, Jay spends his time vineyard/brewery hopping, traveling or simply enjoying the outdoors somewhere with his wife and best buddy Beata. Jay is also the father of a carnivorous plant collection, professional Wii bowler and aspiring gardener and archer.

Jay Johnson

The Lab.

Your results begin here.  Team MLP sports a fully equipped facility rocking the most functional-friendly tools for any goal. 

Optimal focus is achieved within each session with a fully closed off, private studio setting.  Climate control and your favorite tunes make goal getting about as comfortable as it can be.

Our ever-growing equipment set is built around the goals of every client from beginners to elite athletes.  High intensity interval, power, functional, metabolic, hypertrophic and rehabilitation training are just the beginning of what we provide to our clients.

Mobile training is also available, but our lab is where the majority of our private training results take place.