Share the cost, not the results.

Our newest personal training options are guaranteed to pack a punch, all alongside your partner in fitness.  Pay less for the same results and have the accountability of a teammate!

Train In Privacy

Don't like working out in front of others? With Team MLP it's just your trainer, partner and yourself.

Functional Training

Train for life-based performance. Each session will get you closer to your goals AND prepare you for daily life like never before.

Lose Weight & Tone Up

The intensity of each of your 45 minute sessions is designed to challenge any fitness level.

Never Lose Motivation

Our Torch Training Sessions are not just going to save you money, but they'll keep you accountable too!

Questions about pricing?

Sessions are $25 per person for every package, but session quantity varies by client.  Contact us today to book your free group consultation or get a quote for you and a friend!

You and your friend can apply today!