Downloadable ebooks designed to cover ANY goal in a user-friendly format, with a budget-friendly price!

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Fat Burning Workout Program

The newest MLP 8 week ebook workout program.  Designed to torch body fat and send your metabolism into overdrive with a series of body weight & banded moves!

For use at home or in the gym.

Ab Workout Program

Ab shredding 4 week ebook program, designed to accompany FatbLAST 1.0.  This program also makes a great addition to ANY workout program!

For use at home or in the gym.


Bootcamp Workout Program

Military-style body weight 8 week ebook workout program.   Designed for overall conditioning along with weight loss & muscle toning.

For use at home or in the gym.


Mass Building Workout Program

A muscle building 8 week ebook program designed to hit your weak points, build strength and build muscle while maintaining a lean physique.

For use in the gym.

Workout Program

An 8 week ebook program that is not only ready to tackle your weak points, but it will tone muscles & burn fat along the way!  This is the most versatile MLP ebook option.

For use in the gym.

Weight Loss Workout Program

This 8 week ebook program is the fat torching answer for anyone looking for extreme results!  Designed to condition the client in every way, and to burn away all of the bad, for good.

For use in the gym.




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