Let me guess...when you think of your goals to burn fat, you most likely want to hit "this" and "that"...right?


Instead of focusing on one specific muscle that you want to pop that much more from your toning efforts, why not hit your entire body during your entire workout?  The most likely solution to your toning issues is to burn fat, so do what you need to do in order to not "hit" that one muscle but to dust the crap off of your body as a whole.  Use moves that hit multiple muscle groups in order to multiply your fat burn not just during your workout, but in the hours or even days to follow!


What does all of this mean?


If you have a Toyota Camry with a base package, it will get you from A to B...right?  If you have a Toyota Camry that is fully loaded, then you are making the same trips but they are going to be more comfortable because of the extra features such as climate control and leather seats, which in turn can enhance your trip efficiency.  When you use more muscle groups during your exercises you are then executing a fully loaded workout and are no longer rocking the same base package that everyone else is rocking in the battle to burn fat.

These moves are known to the fitness world as multiple joint moves or compound moves since they combine the use of more of muscles for an overall better burn for you.  For example, a biceps curl done with a dumbbell is a single joint move.  Now anyone who has done a dumbbell biceps curl knows that these things will not necessarily get you out of breath, so for fat loss this would not be so ideal for you.  A good option to hit your biceps along with other muscle groups would be a reverse grip lat pull-down or reverse grip bent over row.  With either of these options you are now hitting not just your biceps but you are also hitting your back which is one of your larger muscle groups...which means a larger burn overall!


Biceps Curl with Dumbbell

[exercise title="Biceps Curl with Dumbbell" id="974" size="200,300"]

Reverse Grip Bent Over Barbell Row

[exercise title="Reverse Grips Bent Over Barbell Rows" id="119" size="200,300"]


How can I use this in my workouts to burn fat?


This may still seem like a little much to take in right now since many of us go in for a workout and come out having hit "whatever we felt like" for an hour or more...myself included.  There is a system and a reason for everything that you do in the gym, at least there should be and if there isn't then you will want to ask a fitness professional if what you are currently doing is the most effective approach to YOUR personal success.  Anywho, you can apply this more efficient method of training into your current workouts and burn fat simply by paying more attention to what you are doing.

For example, a squat exercise will hit your legs and so will a butt blaster, but even though that butt blaster may FEEL like it is doing more than the squat...it is not!  When you are squatting you are moving up and down, and when you are moving up and down you are requiring more not just of your lower body but your upper body and core as well.  Do one set of squats and you will most likely be more out of breath than after the set of butt blasters...this is what fat burning feels like.  You can even get a little crazy and do a set of say 20 butt blaster reps and then do a set of 20 squats for a burn AND optimal fat burn!

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Below is an example of a typical single joint based workout (wrong) and a new and improved fat burning version of that same workout (right):

[two_column_block style="1"] [content1]

Single Joint Workout (wrong)

Leg Extension

4 sets of 15

Leg Curl

4 sets of 15

Seated Dumbbell Biceps Curl

4 sets of 10

Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

4 sets of 10 EACH

[/content1] [content2]

Multiple Joint Workout (right)

Body Weight Squat

4 sets of 15

Dumbbell Deadlift

4 sets of 15

Reverse Grip Barbell Row

4 sets of 15

Close Grip Push-Up (from knees as needed)

4 sets of 10

[/content2] [/two_column_block]


Train smarter and burn fat in less time.


Longer is not always the answer to burn fat people!  If the above mentioned mistakes sound like you and your approach to fitness, then Kanye West may be out of debt before you burn the fat and lose the weight that you want to.  Start training more efficiently and watch the fat fall off and the muscle tone shine through!  Simple fixes in your daily routine can create a huge result whether it be in your diet or in your workouts, so start today on making these changes...and if you need that extra direction or complete takeover of your big fat debt problems, I can be your Mark Zuckerberg.


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