Are your workout habits keeping you from your goals?  If so, then we can help!  Below are frequently asked questions about our workout/cardio planning services and how we can best help you!  You can also start today by getting a free analysis of your current exercise habits here!


Frequently asked questions about personalized workout plan features:


Q.What comes with my personalized workout plan?

A. Each personalized workout plan comes with the following features:

For an example of what your plan will look like, you can contact us and we will send you a sample PDF!


Q.How is my personalized workout plan designed and put together?

A. Each workout plan is designed based on that person’s specific needs, goals, limitations, schedule, you name it!  The first thing each client will be required to do is fill out our workout form in order to collect data that will help in developing each program as specifically as possible.  Also, a FREE phone consultation is included with every program guidance package.  This is in an effort to be as specific and interactive as possible when building each individual program.


Q.What if I don't know how to do certain exercises, or don't understand some of the terminology in my workout plan?

A. Every personalized workout plan comes with full exercise support, which means that you will never be lost.   VIP clients have full on-demand email/phone support and phone sessions, both of which are intended for issues such as this.  Our MLP Virtua Trainer app also adds interactivity and guidance with 4000+ 3D videos at your fingertips!


Q.What if I am unable to perform the exercise properly or feel discomfort while executing the workouts?

A. Every personalized workout plan is open for minor modifications throughout the 8 weeks, so in this case an adjustment would be made in order to provide you with a substitute move.  Guidance will still be offered on the initial exercise though, and we will establish WHY the discomfort was present during execution along with how to fix it.


Q.How long does my personalized workout plan last?

A. Your workout plan will last 8 weeks (2 months). At this time you will be due for an update to your program, which Jay will remind you of in your weekly check-in leading up to week 8 on your current program. Updates are needed in order to continue with enough variation in your approach to develop the results necessary for you.


Q.How do I renew and update my workout plan for the next 8 weeks?

A. Jay will remind you when it is almost time to update your program, and at this time he will send you a link to do so along with a special discount code which will take 25% off of your plan update.  Once you process your payment, your future goals and progression will then be discussed and your new workout plan will be designed accordingly.


Q.Can I upgrade my package to include nutrition, cardio enhancements, phone sessions etc?

A. Absolutely!

Once you purchase ANY of our 4 program guidance plans, you are a client and therefore you will receive a discount on any of these packages during the duration of your 8 week plan.  Simply let Jay know that you wish to upgrade, and you will be directed towards how to do this.


Q.Can I add phone sessions to my current program guidance plan?

A. Yes!

Phone sessions are included with every VIP plan, but they can also be added independently to any of the packages in groups of 4.  Contact us for instructions on how.

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Do you still have specific questions that have not been answered?


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"I think the workout plans look more overwhelming than they really are and once you start them your body gets more accustomed and you can really start to see results!  I highly recommend Jay to help you meet your goals as well as his well-planned workout programs!"

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