This is an article of mine from and was very fun to write.  I drank a RedBull and for 10 mintutes wrote the first thing that came to mind when I thought of gym motivation.

Are you training with the right mentality? Get your mind right before entering the gym and kill every single workout!


What pisses you off? What gets you motivated to be the strongest you’ve ever been and most importantly what makes you want to be the best that you can be every day, in every way with anyone watching? Do you know? If you don’t then this may be why you are not happy in these areas of your life that you wish you were.

When I think of motivation I think of what makes me mad enough to spring into action. Is it someone you hate? Is it something that happened to set you back? See what I mean? The next few paragraphs are my ramblings of what goes through my mind when it comes to motivation not just in the gym but throughout life in general; so sit back, read, and get pissed enough to do something about the things you suck at today.

First Things First For Motivation.

When you are in the gym you need to lift like it! What that means is that I see too many guys in the gym going about it like they have 100 tries to get it right and today is just a warmup…it ISN’T! When you walk into the gym you need to carry yourself in a way and kill that workout like every person you’ve ever despised in your life walked in behind you just to watch you screw something up.

If you carry yourself in this way I swear you would not drop a weight, never give out before your rep count was up and if you did you would get back on it as soon as you could and finish the set. Please for yourself lift in the gym every single day like it is the last chance you will get to get jacked, don’t let yourself and your poor, proud mother down.

Next thing I see is guys that seem to push a hell a hard…until it burns or hurts, or whatever other wimpy sayings you can think of to describe productive pain. You hear ONE MORE all the time in the gym for a reason…because this is how many reps you should do every set to grow! I tell my guys that the last rep is “for the haters”, and they usually have that person in mind that pushes them to make it through and push TO their goals. You MUST approach your lifting in this manner to produce the intensity necessary to crank out extra reps on every set.

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Do you realize that if you go into the gym and execute a 30 set workout and get one more rep on every set of that workout how many that is?? For those of you that can only count weights on the bar, that is 30 extra reps you could be getting every single workout and I guarantee you there isn’t a soul reading this article that couldn’t benefit from that simple math.

I literally checked the clock and rambled for ten minutes on this thing, all reaction and no editing on my part of what goes through my mind when I think of gym motivation and how it sucks for most people. It is crazy to see how many results are missed out on because you simply do not push yourself in the gym. You have to go into the gym like a dog on a chain, like a lion in a cage, or anything else that may attack if it’s let lose on its prey. You have to take this intensity into the gym with you and yes you will find yourself pissed off mentally when you do this…good, you need to be.

Just to think about the growth and strength you have missed out on by NOT having this mentality should be enough to piss you off to no end. With all of this being said go out there, get in the gym and rip it apart…attack it until YOU win the war with the weights and leave knowing that you really kicked some ass today.



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