Ok people....there are a lot of things that you can do to be healthier day-by-day, and I mean a LOT.

We hear so much about low carb diets, no carb diets, low fat diets and on and on.

Even though the marketing around all of these temporary fads is revolved around making them seem "easy"...they are not.  Not only are they not easy at all, but in most cases they aren't even healthy for you in the long run.

Today we're not talking about fads, carbs, fats or even diets for that matter...we are talking about protein.  No, not the pounding numerous shakes chock full of who knows what and how to make "cookies" out of the powder etc, we are talking about a truly easy way to get some extra protein into your diet while knowing that what you're using is pure enough for this purpose.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a huge fan of protein shakes, and that I generally preach to get your calories in through eating solid foods, and I still do.  I am here to tell you though that I have found a new staple that I not only use on a regular basis, but I have many of my clients using now as well, and that is Isopure protein.

When Isopure first came along, I (with many others) absolutely loved their Ready To Drink (RTD) bottles that were available in nutrition stores and gyms throughout.  Now, I have geared my enthusiasm towards their protein powders and have also realized that they now carry other products such as carb powders, creatine, glutamine etc all with the same purity as their original big seller, their protein.

I have a lot of clients that are constantly fighting the battle of trying to find ways to hit their exact macro-nutrient breakdowns for each day, and this can be tough at times since it seems that almost every food has carbs, proteins AND fats in them.  At the same time I feel like I have a lot of clients that are ok hitting their carb numbers (since they are allowed to have them) and fat numbers, but they end up way under on their protein numbers.  If this sounds like you then don't worry, you don't have to eat a 32oz steak at midnight anymore to try and fill this gap, instead you can know that there is a pure, easy-to-drink shake that you can integrate into your day for your snack options (if you're a client then you know what I  mean by "snack options").  The best part about Isopure with regards to the nutrition that it contains is that it has 50 grams of protein per serving while packing 0 grams of carbs and fat.  If that isn't easy to count then I don't know what is!

I tell clients all the time when shopping for supplements a simple rule of thumb when dealing with powders: whatever that powder does in that shaker bottle, it will also do in your stomach...I'm looking at you NO-XPlode.  This can be a baaaaaaad thing such as the feeling that your belly may explode, but it is also a good way to know how well your body will absorb the substance the powder creates.  This rule applies to your amino acids, your BCAAs, your creatine and of course your protein powders.  It's no coincidence that the creatine supplements of yesterday caused such a rumble (in your stomach) since when you would shake the product up, you could watch it just settle back to the bottom of the bottle with this sand-like consistency.  These products do the same type of settling in your stomach, and so will your thick, clump-creating protein powder when you drink it after that 3 hour workout.  Isopure was the original whey protein isolate, which means that you can not only count on it to mix better in your shaker bottle, but you can bet that it will mix better with your body too.

Last but probably best is the taste of Isopure.  I find myself telling people about protein powders that I've tested so often and almost always have to follow up the "it tastes pretty good" comment with, "for a protein shake".  You also seem to always find yourself choosing from chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors...it's like having to choose which part of your mediocre Neapolitan ice cream you're going to kill during your weekly watching of Mistresses or the Bachelorette...not that I've done any of those, or all three.  The point is, you shouldn't be confined by these three primary flavors, and although Isopure does offer these standard flavors...there's just something more fun about "Apple Melon", "Mango Peach" or "Pineapple Orange Banana".  When you have options like this and you KNOW that it will taste great and mix well within your body, you really can't lose.

Today we talked protein, but in a time where carbs and fats are getting all of the love (at least conversationally they do...otherwise they're more neglected than a Kardashian child), protein needs to be brought up.  It is what your body is made of the most, other than water and is therefore more important than you may realize.  Your body runs on mostly carbs and fats, but it is built and maintained on protein, so I thought that this would be a good time to mention it and give everyone a great way to integrate it into your diets in a fun and simple way.  Always remember though that supplements are meant to SUPPLEMENT your diet, your workouts and your life...keep it that way!  Even with my love for Isopure products, I do not have a shake every single day because I do not NEED a shake every single day.  Eat your calories each and every day and if your schedule takes you away from your beloved little alarm clock and "eating every 2 hours" THEN you should supplement your diet with things like Isopure.

If you have any questions about nutrition or think that you may be ready for a plan that is made just for YOU, what YOU like and what YOU need, then hit the form below.  Otherwise, check out Isopure's awesome lineup and get going with a tastier, more pure option for your protein needs today.

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