Win the Day.  This is the saying that keeps my man Justin Marks on track when it comes to all of his goals, whether it be workout related, nutrition related or performance related...and it works.  When "performing" has to be done at 190mph for longer periods of time than the average person would even want to sit in a car cruising 60mph on a road trip, it's no wonder that this guy has to BE a machine to drive these machines.

Having lost 13 pounds in the past 4 weeks while cranking out his workouts and eating MORE carbs than we had him on before, Justin is a prime example of what I am talking about when I say that we have to fuel our bodies correctly to truly perform.  A proper balance of proteins, fats AND carbs are what has to be present for optimal performance to take place.  If you haven't read it yet, I just recently published an article explaining the importance of carbs in our diets and that they are not only good for us, but they are necessary!

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Being a NASCAR driver is just as tough and in some cases tougher than being a professional athlete in any other sport.  Many NASCAR fans take for granted what is going on in these cars during races and may in some cases look at it like a long road trip headed nowhere, and this couldn't be further from the reality.  My friend Brandon Marshall of the (SuperBowl 50 Champion) Denver Broncos was in town a couple of weeks ago and over lunch I got to brag about Justin and just how big of a machine he really is.  I told Brandon that this guy could bench press 275 pounds, but then he could also run a 31 mile ultra marathon, and then tack on a half Iron Man on top of that.  Brandon was surprised as an NFL linebacker to hear those strength AND stamina numbers all packed into one person.  I told him to think about Justin hitting a turn for 6-8 seconds while feeling the force of 2-3 times his body weight pushing against him the entire time, then multiply this by 3-4 turns at least per lap and then multiply THAT by the 200-300 laps that take place in a NASCAR race.  Brandon said it best and speaks for so many people that don't think about this when he said, "Man...I didn't even think it was like that, that's crazy."  He then went on to say exactly what I stated above in that when you're watching NASCAR on television, you don't think about all of that going on in the car, you just see them going in circles trying to pass each other!


Justin has come a long way physically, and I've come a long way in learning for myself how important it is in the sport of NASCAR to BE a machine in order to better drive those machines.  I've been very lucky to be a part of Justin's progress over the years as he has been doing nutrition and workout programming with me along with one on one sessions multiple times per week.  I'm a proud trainer and a proud friend when I see Justin not only improve in the gym and in the kitchen, but when I get to see those improvements carry over to other parts of his life.

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Be on the lookout for client spotlights now people!  This was the perfect opportunity to post my first one, but there will be more to come also so stay tuned!  More great reading on Justin's return to the NASCAR/Xfinity Circuit can be found HERE in an awesome article written by senior writer Kenny Bruce.  We are Team MLP and we are stronger than yesterday....are you?