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Nutrition Tip: How to Drink Alcohol & Keep Your Goals

Alcohol Healthy

Here’s a tip that’ll help you get results AND won’t cut you off at the bar: Stick to lighter forms of alcohol!  Just as you may have heard with soft drinks, alcohol is least damaging when it is lighter in color.  This isn’t necessarily due to the liquor itself but the soda you tend to […]

Nutrition Tip: Water for Weight Loss

Nutrition Tip

A quick nutrition tip that you can use all day every day, AND before every meal good or bad: Drink one 16 ounce glass of water before every time you eat.  The water (If cold, but who wants warm water?) will not only give your metabolism a slight nudge but it will also fill you […]

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Thank you for coming to claim your free performance food list!  You can download your list below, and if you have any questions at all let us know!  

Nutrition Plan

Are your nutrition habits keeping you from your goals?  If so, then we can help!  Below are frequently asked questions about our nutrition services and how we can best help you!  You can also start today by getting a free analysis of your current dietary habits here!   Frequently asked questions about personalized nutrition plan […]

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(704) 221-2187 Facebook-f Twitter book us Call / TEXT Us email Us Facebook Twitter Envelope Custom Nutrition + Workouts brought to you more interactively than ever. Our customized nutrition and workout plans sport everything YOU need to succeed, designed to fit your life and your needs. Now including weekly video check-ins, our programming is […]

REMINDER: Stay Positive.


Everything is an opportunity, yes everything.   I don’t care if we’re talking about the good, bad or the ugly things that happen in life.  They only happen TO you if you allow them to affect you, and when they begin to drag you down is when you lose.   Be prepared to properly receive […]

4 Ways to Make Pasta Replacements Tasty!

Sad Puppy

Healthy eating can be easier and more enjoyable with just a couple of tweaks.

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Our fitness tools are designed to kickstart your path to results!  Your first 7 days of results with Team MLP are now free! Let us help you with your specific needs by choosing one or all of the options below:      You can also contact us today to set up a free consultation or […]

The Pulse Project

  What is The Pulse Project? The Pulse Project is the newest ebook program brought to you by Team MLP which will maximize your muscle toning & weight loss results while moving as little as possible.  Yes you read correctly; as LITTLE work as possible for your best results ever!   How is this possible? […]