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“I wanted to have a competitive nutrition plan along with the workouts I was doing to maximize my weight loss potential. Jay took my goals and comprised a meal plan to fit them. Jay also kept following up with me to ensure I was following the plan and to check progress. I highly recommend Jay to anyone looking to lose just a few pounds or over 100!”

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“I am a busy mom and I don’t always have time or should I say, make time when I’m exhausted to get in every single nightly workout in the program. However, in doing as many nights as my time allowed, it surprised me to see that I still managed to lose 11 lbs and 1.5 inches!”

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Not exactly sure which package may be best for you?  Fill out the questions below and Jay will help you choose the best plan for your goals!  You can also use these links to learn more about what you get with the customized nutrition program or workout program.

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