We've all had it, well most of us...that twinge of pain or even just a feeling of pressure in your elbows during your favorite triceps moves.

What if I told you that the pain didn't have to be there and that you could actually hit your triceps HARDER with one small move of the wrist?

One of the long time favorite moves for hitting the triceps and getting that burn is and always will be the triceps pressdown.  Whether it be on cables or bands, it gives a great burn, but it can also give your elbows a small dose of hell over time...until now!

It's all in the wrists.

Flip the wrists, and this is the only tweak that you will need to take the stress off of your elbows during this move.  Instead of grabbing the handle (or handles) in an overhand manner, like in a press...grab the handles in an underhand grip like in a curl.  This small tweak in your grip will not only take the friction off of your elbows since you are now in an anatomically correct position, but it will create more burn than ever in the triceps (specifically the lateral head) as you are able to press down more with your thumbs.

triceps-pressdown triceps-pressdown-2

Images courtesy of Bodybuilding.com.

Using a moderate weight with either bands or cables at the beginning of your triceps workout, knock out 4 sets of 20 on these and feel the burn kick in immediately.  This is a great way to further develop and sculpt that "horseshoe" area that both guys and girls are looking for.