The Pulse Project


What is The Pulse Project?

The Pulse Project is the newest ebook program brought to you by Team MLP which will maximize your muscle toning & weight loss results while moving as little as possible.  Yes you read correctly; as LITTLE work as possible for your best results ever!


How is this possible?

“Pulse” stands for “Performance Utilizing Low Stress Exercise”, and the “Project” is you the client.

Each workout in this 32 page, 8 week program comes ready to create results for all goals by utilizing the scientific benefits of time under tension.  You may be lead to believe after all of the reading you have done over time that crazy cardio, heavy weights and the latest workout trends are the ticket to success.  Do NOT blindly travel down those paths!


Your muscles are forced to respond and adapt when placed under a specific duration of tension and each muscle group needs its own specific amount of tension for maximum results.  The Pulse Project is designed to take the guesswork out of this for you and make your goals a reality in 30 minutes or less, 4 times per week in the gym or at home each week with NO full reps performed.


No reps?  Sounds too good to be true.

Full reps are not only overrated in many cases but they can take tension away from the areas we are truly aiming to target when we do certain exercises.  Not only can you miss out on results because of this but you increase your chance of injury when always performing full reps as traditionally taught by trainers across the world.  The Pulse Project ensures you are hitting every part of every muscle in a safe, user-friendly fashion.


This still sounds like weight training, so how will I lose weight?

The Pulse Project, although designed to minimize the strain put on your joints will hit your muscles AND your heart rate with each workout.  When the muscles are placed under tension for longer periods of time than they are used to, you are not only reaping the benefits of hitting all of your muscle fibers but your heart is also put to work!  Gym-goers typically lift in a rep range and with exercises they are comfortable with, and The Pulse Project will break even more experienced lifters out of that comfort zone in all aspects of their workouts.


Sounds interesting, can I try it first?

Our newest addition to the Team MLP ebook family is no doubt the most unique of our programs, so it is only appropriate that we have you test drive The Pulse Project before you adopt it as your new favorite workout program!  To give our newest 8 week program a try for FREE, just fill out the short form below and comment “I’m in!” to receive a sample of the program instantly.

The Pulse Project will officially release July 31st at midnight!  In addition to your free sample of The Pulse Project, you will receive an email with a discounted pre-sale purchase price and an option to add fully customized nutrition programming in a discount bundle to REALLY jump your results off!