Difficulties are never easy, but neither are miracles.

Have you ever thought about that?  People almost always tend to focus on the difficulties and the negatives of a situation.  With this mindset it will always seem impossible at the time to overcome.

Obstacles are sprinkled throughout our lives in every way.  So, with the New Year among us I thought it would be a great time to touch on the fact that we want and need those obstacles to happen!

You know what else is tough, often tougher than these difficult times?  Miracles.

I don't know about you, but when I set a goal I don't want anything easy to obtain.  I don't want to just wake up and do what everyone else is doing, especially in this lazy time that we live in.

When you set a goal, you want to do something special.  This is something that is not and should not be easy.  Difficulties are tough yes, but miracles will be the most obstacle-filled events you'll ever be lucky enough to experience in your life.

In case you haven't caught on yet, difficulties are miracles.

They are everywhere, and by everywhere I mean that obstacles (big and small) lie in every situation and every goal.

If you are not understanding this yet then you are either not shooting high enough with your goals or you are in for a rude awakening.  Tough times make us strong enough to accomplish things.  Difficult situations make the people around us stronger and they make our accomplishments truly miracles when you reflect on the journey taken for this to happen.

Miracles seem so far away because of what we perceive them to be.  When you take a good look at each day, these small opportunities are hidden in every single one of them.

Take on the day and be on the lookout for these miracles.

Maintain a positive mindset.  Do this especially when you're pissed off over little things like running out of chicken or the gym being closed because it's cold outside.  Don't let these tiny distractions become so devastating in your mind that they keep you from the true miracles that we all dream about and are capable of; success.

I don't care what your definition of "success" is; working out every day this week, eating a healthier diet or landing that promotion at work.  Accomplishing a goal that is important to you is success and to hell with what anyone else may define your success as.

No matter your definition of success or miracle, the journey will always be tough.  The obstacles and the victories are tough, but it's up to you to realize this.  Do not only welcome, but thrive on your difficulties and fight your way through and to both of them.

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