Ok people, there are SO many drinks out there these days, ranging from energy drinks, vitamin drinks, zero sugar drinks and on…and on.

What if I told you that I have gotten to not only give a test drive to a drink that was actually ALL of these things, but that I loved it and I know that you will too?


Well, I’m telling you now after giving the all new KILL CLIFF Recovery Drinks a go, and getting to let my clients do the same that this stuff is the real deal!

At first glance I was excited to have this opportunity, because I love caffeine and I love anything that can help amp me up for the day or a workout, not to mention, KILL CLIFF was kind enough to send me cases of their drinks to try and pass around.  Shortly after seeing the back of the label, checking the ingredients and even after taking my first sip of KILL CLIFF…I was disappointed.

Yes, disappointed!

The reason I was disappointed at first is because if you know me, you know that I am accustomed to the “high intensity”, “high voltage” light your ass up kind of drinks that will have you seeing sounds and hearing colors!  When I cracked this thing open that is of course what I expected, and therefore was unpleasantly surprised with how things went down…so I thought.


After drinking the entire first drink though, I realized that this was not even the goal when KILL CLIFF put their drinks together, and I’m glad that it wasn’t.  These drinks are RECOVERY DRINKS, and once I realized that and FELT that…THEN I was sold!



I took the first drink down like they would take it back from me in 30 seconds if I wasn’t finished, and the Blood Orange (20 calorie) went down ever-so easily.  It went down so easily that it took a few minutes to realize that not only did I feel recharged, but I didn’t feel the jitters that I had grown accustomed to when drinking energy drinks in the past.

This was a refreshing feeling, and because of the electrolytes, vitamins and perfectly dosed 25mg of caffeine, it was a brand new feeling I had never had come from a simple 12 ounce drink!

I’ve got to say that KILL CLIFF markets this drink perfectly, including ideas such as mixing your booze with it, recovering from your booze with it, mixing your workout with it or recovering from your workout with it…it’s perfect!

After experiencing this a few times in the early training mornings that I rock on the regular, and in the afternoons and evenings, I realized that these things had the perfect mix of killing the quit without keeping you up all night.

I handed these out to my clients (and still am), and they also agreed on the amazing, lightly carbonated flavor as well as the feeling that it gave them.  I had clients bringing them into workouts for fuel to get through and I also had them saving them in their cars for recovery once they were finished…it’s all based on YOUR preference!

If you are looking for a great-tasting, not overly-sized or overly-carbonated drink that will have you feeling in the zone…then look no further than KILL CLIFF, because after having these I know that I will come to them when I need to feel rejuvenated and recharged.

This drink has a specific goal, and that is to give you just enough to KILL THE QUIT but not be jumping around for 48 hours after the fact!

Check them out now, and get going with your favorite flavor in a 4-pack today!  Every flavor is great, but if I am honestly choosing my big favorite then that would be Lemon Lime.  I mixed this flavor with my early mornings in traffic, my evening workouts, my late-night vodka and even the next morning hangover…and it did NOT disappoint!


Check out the KILL CLIFF lineup here!


Quitting is not an option! KILL THE QUIT.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of KILL CLIFF. The opinions and text are all mine.

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