Team MLP Client Justin Marks Aims To Repeat At Mid Ohio.

Always have a goal.


This is the biggest word of advice I can give anyone striving to build better habits and ultimately a better body and lifestyle.  Team MLP client, NASCAR driver and friend Justin Marks has been doing this ever since I began working with him, and in a big way!  If preparing him to withstand the G-force that a NASCAR moving 200 miles per hour exerts isn’t enough, we are throwing weight vests on him and forcing him to walk specified distances with barbells over his head to better tackle a mountain.



Win the day.


Justin has always said that his goal is to “win the day”.  Whether it be in the kitchen, in the gym, in his life or in his career and it is this day-to-day mentality that has gotten him where he is now.  This way of thinking has gotten him victories in both the IMSA racing series and NASCAR Xfinity circuit.  This isn’t counting the extra feats such as Iron Man completions and mountain climbing victories achieved with the help of world-renowned climbing coach Steve House.  Justin Marks is arguably one of the most in-shape drivers in NASCAR, and this is primarily because he ALWAYS has a goal that he is shooting for.  Life is a marathon not a race, and Justin is perfect proof that if you approach your life in a day-by-day manner that you can consistently accumulate victories both within yourself and within your life.


Whatever you are, be a good one.


Over the years, Justin has done an exceptional job of allotting the appropriate focus to a goal.  Any time one of these new big stepping stones comes, it always starts with a text from Justin asking, “Hey man, can you talk for a minute?”.  To most people this would sound like the beginning words of a bad breakup, but for me it’s an immediate thought of “What goal are we beating the hell out of now?”  Goals are very important, but proper focus and planning towards those goals is what separates “average” from greatness.



Justin is an inspiration to a large group of people; his fellow NASCAR & IMSA drivers, his employees, his family, to Team MLP clients and to me.  Goals can be gotten always by anyone, and as Justin would say everything that he is doing can be done by anyone.  IF you make that decision to put your head down and run to it, it can happen for you.


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