Is that, rice!? No it’s cauliflower, but I promise you that it isn’t as bad as you think. Those green “noodles” also aren’t evil, those guys are made from fresh zucchini AND they don’t bite when you approach them.

Not only are these newly popular pasta replacements better for you, but they actually taste pretty damn good. Whether you haven’t tried them out yet or have and didn’t like them, it was the preparation that was holding you back.

It’s all in the preparation.

Most of these replacements: zucchini, yams, sweet potatoes, squash, cauliflower etc hold on to more moisture than we are used to in a pasta. This can create a “soggy” dish in the end and will completely turn you off to this method of cooking.

Three quick adjustments to the preparation can not only make these pasta replacements manageable, but a family favorite for future meals of all kinds! Oh and there’s that weight loss thing…but whatever.

Tip 1: Salad Spinner.

This almost makes too much sense, but if you’re like me then this was a big “Doh!” moment that I was thankful for! Spread the pasta out in your salad spinner and spin away just as you would your salad. This does a great job in getting any big time moisture out before even starting your dish preparations.

Tip 2: Salt.

Spreading the noodles out on a paper towel and adding salt to them first thing in your dish prep will allow the moisture to be taken out, leaving you with not only a more appropriate texture but the added pop of flavor that salt can provide. My experience with this method has primarily been with zucchini noodles, but this will also work with squash, sweet potatoes or other vegetables.

Tip 3: Heat.

I’ve found this most beneficial with shirataki noodles such as Miracle Noodles. Add the noodles to a dry saucepan and even add some olive oil or ghee if you’d like. Put these guys on medium heat, moving them around periodically for about 20 minutes while prepping the other components of your dish.

Tip 4: Season.

This will not necessarily dry the pasta out any more, but it really adds to the taste of the finished product. By this point you should not need to dry them out more anyway after completing the first 2 steps. I recommend a low sodium seasoning such as Mrs. Dash, but you can really use any seasoning since we’re already being “good” by eating these damn things in the first place.

These are my 4 ways to make pasta replacements tasty, folks. You can utilize one or all of these tips depending on the dish but I can guarantee that these methods will change your thoughts on healthy pasta replacements, whether you’ve tried these alternatives yet or not.

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