New 8 Week Weight Loss Program: Now you can squeeze your workouts into your schedule, and you won't have to squeeze yourself into your clothes.

Are you having trouble "finding time" to get your workouts in, but realize that your time before Summer AND your excuses are running out?  FatBLAST 1.0 is for you...time-friendly, user-friendly and results-friendly.

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This Ebook Provides Rapid Weight Loss That Is...

  • Time - Friendly.

    Now you have time to fit your fitness into your life.  3 days per week for 30 minutes is all you need to fully benefit from the fat torching effects of the FatBLAST 1.0 8 Week Program.

  • User - Friendly.

    Designed for all fitness levels, FatBLAST 1.0 packs intensity and safety all into one program for you.  Need more?  Each set of exercises contains an optional “FatBLAST” results enhancer to create optimal weight loss for you!

  • Results - Friendly

    FatBLAST 1.0 is designed for optimal weight loss in the shortest amount of time possible.  Spend more time living your life and gaining results, and less time in the gym suffering through marathon workout sessions!

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