Weight Loss Program


Welcome  to the newest addition of the MLP Ebook Series, FatBLAST 1.0!


Suitable for all fitness levels, this 8 week fast-track shredding program packs intense features designed not only to blast your fat more rapdily overall, but to do so with the least amount of total workout time ever!


Accelerate Your Workouts:

  • Workouts are muscle specific for optimal targeting.

  • Intense tempo and intervals ensure maximum metabolic boost from every workout.

  • Time efficient.  All workouts designed to last no longer than 30 minutes.

  • Designed for intense gym workout sessions or on the go with flexible exercise options.

  • 3 day per week (optional 4th “results boost” day each week) format allows program to easily fit into your busy schedule.

Accelerate Your Results:

  • Each workout designed to burn calories during and even more after each workout.  Burn calories around the clock!

  • Your workouts, though muscle specific, contain both upper and lower body exercises within every workout to enhance blood flow and further enhance your burn.

  • With workouts this intense, recovery is key and the time/schedule-friendly format ensures that you spend less time working out and more time in calorie-burning recovery!

  • User-friendly formatting makes FatBLAST 1.0 not only suitable for all fitness levels but effective for all with fitness level dependent reps and sets for each workout.  Do you dare to go for it all?







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