All NEW Team MLP 8 Week Challenges!

You asked for it, and now you've got it, EVERY month!  Team MLP 8 week challenges that will be starting every single month, and your results could be free!


The requirements?

Claim your spot by paying your $50 deposit here.  Once 12 challengers are enrolled*, you will then download your FATBlast 1.0 & AB Blast ebooks and fill out our nutrition form which ensures that everyone will have tailored nutrition provided throughout.

The prize?

You get a full refund for your Level 2 Package, so if you win the challenge, your results are free!

*Each 8 week challenge will begin once a group of 12 challengers have enrolled. 
Claim Your Spot Now!

Each challenger will be required to do the following:

  • State Your Initial Goal

    Using the Goal Analysis form, state what your goal is!  The Goal Analysis form is also useful when customizing your nutrition and workout programs, so be specific.

  • Be Interactive

    Maintain interactivity throughout the challenge!  Jay will not only be customizing your program, but he will also be training and guiding you throughout the process.  The more interactivity there is, the greater your chance of winning since overall effort will be taken into account when choosing a winner.

  • Report Your Results

    State your overall changes in inches, weight, stamina, weights used or whatever else you used to gauge your progress throughout.  The greatest overall progress along with an assessment of effort/interactivity will determine the winner!

Claim Your Spot Now!

You will receive a FREE copy of AbBLAST with your deposit.  Don't forget to download your copy in your confirmation email!