3 Reasons Your Cardio Workouts Are Not Working

Your current cardio workouts may not be “working out”, at least as well as you had hoped they would. That is ok though because believe it or not, cardio workouts are not as simple as “burning this amount of calories on the screen” or “doing what that person does”…it is a bit more complex than that if you want the BEST results possible. Now, this doesn’t mean that the workouts will be harder to do for you, it just means that you may have to pay more attention to HOW and WHEN you are doing these workouts to effectively burn…

10 Minutes To Motivation

This is an article of mine from geneticwar.com and was very fun to write.  I drank a RedBull and for 10 mintutes wrote the first thing that came to mind when I thought of gym motivation. Are you training with the right mentality? Get your mind right before entering the gym and kill every single workout!   What pisses you off? What gets you motivated to be the strongest you’ve ever been and most importantly what makes you want to be the best that you can be every day, in every way with anyone watching? Do you know? If you…

Humpday SALE! Save 40% Now!

Save 40% on any of the customized nutrition & workout programming options below with the MLP Humpday sale! Hit your goals from every angle, have a direct path to results and save 40% on that path now! Check out the features below, make your choice and enter the coupon code MLPHUMPDAY40 at checkout!       [go_pricing id=”online-coaching-home”]     Not exactly sure which package may be best for you?  Fill out the questions below and Jay will help you choose the best plan for your goals!  You can also use these links to learn more about what you get…

How Drinking Milk Can Help A Hardgainer Get Bigger!

For hardgainers who can’t get the scale where they want it, milk may be the answer! This is an article of mine geared towards people struggling to GAIN weight, and how drinking milk can be huge in breaking that plateau! Featured on bodybuilding.com a few times, this article is still not only accurate but useful as well! Calories will always be an effective supplement, as they represent our bodies as  whole. Making sure that your nutrition and workout programming both make sense is crucial when tackling any fitness goal. Do you ever feel like no matter how much you lift…

Client Spotlight: Justin Marks Makes His Return To The NASCAR/Xfinity Circuit

Win the Day.  This is the saying that keeps my man Justin Marks on track when it comes to all of his goals, whether it be workout related, nutrition related or performance related…and it works.  When “performing” has to be done at 190mph for longer periods of time than the average person would even want to sit in a car cruising 60mph on a road trip, it’s no wonder that this guy has to BE a machine to drive these machines. Having lost 13 pounds in the past 4 weeks while cranking out his workouts and eating MORE carbs than…

Top 3 Reasons Why Carbs Are NOT Bad!

Carbs are not bad! I feel as though the closer the warm months get to us, the further away the carbs are…because people start running from them.   This is not only a miserable mentality, but it’s not even healthy. Yes, it is actually UNHEALTHY to cut all of your carbs from your diet. With that being said, let’s go over the top 3 reasons why it is actually beneficial to have carbs as a part of your diet!   1) Your metabolism will love you. Yes, yes it will! Think about your life as a whole and the things…

Burn Fat by Using More Muscle Groups!

Let me guess…when you think of your goals to burn fat, you most likely want to hit “this” and “that”…right?   Instead of focusing on one specific muscle that you want to pop that much more from your toning efforts, why not hit your entire body during your entire workout?  The most likely solution to your toning issues is to burn fat, so do what you need to do in order to not “hit” that one muscle but to dust the crap off of your body as a whole.  Use moves that hit multiple muscle groups in order to multiply…

Never Say Never, People!

The following article was web published in the February issue of Elevate Lifestyle Magazine and discusses common dietary mistakes made by the masses, and also discusses how YOU can prevent making the same mistakes!   Never say never, people! No, I’m not talking about Justin Bieber and hit singles that should have never happened; I’m talking about bad dietary advice. As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I get a lot of questions about specific types of foods- such as if they are okay to have or should be “completely cut out”. Here’s the thing; as soon as I hear…

Monday Motivation

I’m gonna place my bet on every single step I take…   Happy Monday TeamMLPeople! How sure are you of yourself? Do you have so much confidence in yourself and your life’s direction that you would place YOUR bet on your very own steps!? If not, then change it…do what is best for you and yours, and find yourself sure in what you are doing.

Make it a great one TeamMLPeople!!

Win or lose you will never regret working hard, making sacrifices, being disciplined or focusing too much. -John Smith Day by day, just put your head down…and run. Know that your goal is not here and you are not there yet, but you are on your way to it…and you will see it come.


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