Everything is an opportunity, yes everything.

I don’t care if we’re talking about the good, bad or the ugly things that happen in life.  They only happen TO you if you allow them to affect you, and when they begin to drag you down is when you lose.

Be prepared to properly receive your obstacles.

For you baseball players or fans out there you may already know this…how to bunt.  For everyone else…when you bunt a baseball your initial reaction may be to hold the bat out and swing at it to knock it out of the air and into the field of play, and you would be incorrect.  Just like with any obstacle, you want to let the ball come to you and receive it…catch the ball with the bat and lay it down exactly where you need it for your success.  When we overreact or are too quick to act aggressively toward a situation, we lose focus and are unable to pull the positive out of it…and we lose the game.

Chin up.  Life can tip you over when you’re already on your knees feeling sorry for yourself.

When a tough time comes up on a positive person, it’s like going to battle with a tank sporting extra armor…and you’re the tank.  The tough times may try (and will) weigh us down sometimes, but with extra layers of positivity and support to penetrate, these negative happenings will not win.  If you already view yourself as a “victim” of your surroundings and the daily events of your own life, then it’s easier for life to tip you over.  Chin up and heart out…know that unfortunate events will happen throughout your fitness journeys and life, but also know that you’re equipped to handle them.

This was just a quick few words to remind everyone to stay positive, be aware of the opportunities in every event and focus on those…not the bad.  We’re all in this together, and we’re all both lucky AND unlucky depending on the day…so make the most out of your day and good luck will find you in motion.

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