Shoulder Workouts & Techniques For Boulder Shoulders!

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Summer is coming fellas and the time is now to get that V taper in place and get the rounder O shape out! The path to get this shape is and always will be to nail your chest, bis, tris, back and ab workouts…but what about your shoulder workouts? I feel like I talk to guys all the time that tell me about all of the chest and biceps work they’ve been doing…every day…every week…well, you get the point.  I don’t often hear though about guys getting too excited about their shoulder workouts and if they are, then it seems like…

3 Reasons Your Cardio Workouts Are Not Working

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Your current cardio workouts may not be “working out”, at least as well as you had hoped they would. That is ok though because believe it or not, cardio workouts are not as simple as “burning this amount of calories on the screen” or “doing what that person does”…it is a bit more complex than that if you want the BEST results possible. Now, this doesn’t mean that the workouts will be harder to do for you, it just means that you may have to pay more attention to HOW and WHEN you are doing these workouts to effectively burn…

Humpday SALE! Save 40% Now!

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Save 40% on any of the customized nutrition & workout programming options below with the MLP Humpday sale! Hit your goals from every angle, have a direct path to results and save 40% on that path now! Check out the features below, make your choice and enter the coupon code MLPHUMPDAY40 at checkout!       [go_pricing id=”online-coaching-home”]     Not exactly sure which package may be best for you?  Fill out the questions below and Jay will help you choose the best plan for your goals!  You can also use these links to learn more about what you get…

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