Turn Your Difficulties Into Miracles

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Difficulties are never easy, but neither are miracles. Have you ever thought about that?  People almost always tend to focus on the difficulties and the negatives of a situation.  With this mindset it will always seem impossible at the time to overcome. Obstacles are sprinkled throughout our lives in every way.  So, with the New Year among us I thought it would be a great time to touch on the fact that we want and need those obstacles to happen! You know what else is tough, often tougher than these difficult times?  Miracles. I don’t know about you, but when…

Work Until It Works

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There’s no way around it people… Life is tough, and there are obstacles….BUT if you are going to be anything within this life of yours you have to not just decide to stand up but stand ABOVE whatever it is in your way.  There is no obstacle that can completely deflate the human body, mind and soul.  Everything is up to you and if you choose to continuously throw your head down and run towards the destination that you and your supporters know is meant for you, you will get there. Read until you’re smart enough…try until you’re mentally strong…

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