Work Until It Works

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There’s no way around it people… Life is tough, and there are obstacles….BUT if you are going to be anything within this life of yours you have to not just decide to stand up but stand ABOVE whatever it is in your way.  There is no obstacle that can completely deflate the human body, mind and soul.  Everything is up to you and if you choose to continuously throw your head down and run towards the destination that you and your supporters know is meant for you, you will get there. Read until you’re smart enough…try until you’re mentally strong…

10 Minutes To Motivation

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This is an article of mine from and was very fun to write.  I drank a RedBull and for 10 mintutes wrote the first thing that came to mind when I thought of gym motivation. Are you training with the right mentality? Get your mind right before entering the gym and kill every single workout!   What pisses you off? What gets you motivated to be the strongest you’ve ever been and most importantly what makes you want to be the best that you can be every day, in every way with anyone watching? Do you know? If you…

NEW Blog!

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This is just an introductory post to say that the MLP Blog is about to be UP and kicking!   What to expect from this blog!?   Everything.  E-va-ra-thang??  E-va-ra-thang! (Kat Williams voice)   Seriously though….expect to have access to entries covering all of your popular fitness topics such as nutrition, cardio, resistance training, weight loss, muscle building and more!  This information will come in the form of recipes, motivational quotes and words to get you going, workouts, explanations of exercises, special offers on MLP Training Options and whatever the majority may lead me to produce to better educate all…

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