Results are now as easy as 1…2…3:


Step 1: Choose your program guidance plan!

You can choose your favorite plan below, or you can contact us for assistance on which path will be the best for your goals.


Step 2: Register for the Team MLP Virtua Trainer!

Once you complete the purchase of your program guidance plan, you will also be emailed instructions on how to register for the iPhone or Android app.


Step 3: Get your goals!

Once you receive all of your programming and it is synced with your app, you will be ready to make results!  You will be equipped with everything you need for your nutrition and workout goals, including full trainer support from Jay throughout!




Choose your plan:

  • FREE Phone ConsultationYour path to success will begin with a free phone consultation with Jay to assess your goals, strengths & limitations. This is in order to ensure that your custom program is as accurate for YOUR goals as possible.
  • Weekly Check-InsWeekly check-ins will be performed by Jay to assess results, answer questions & provide guidance/motivation for the following week.
  • Fully Customized ProgramsAll programs are designed after your initial phone consultation, and are based on your daily schedule, your preferences and your goals.
  • Full User-Friendly Meal PlanYour meal plan will be laid out with each meal broken down into choices & portions based on your goals & preferences.
  • Personalized Grocery ListYour meal plan will include a full grocery list based on your specific plan, which is based on your preferences (likes/dislikes/allergies).
  • Daily Nutrition BreakdownYour meal plan will include your daily goal for protein, carbs, fats and overall calories. These are made available due to the popularity of food tracking apps, but your portions will also be in your plan.
  • Complete User-Friendly Workout PlanYour workout plan will come complete with exercises, sets, reps & rest periods. Each day will be laid out for easy program navigation.
  • Custom Exercise ListYour workout plan will be designed based on your available equipment, schedule and goals.
  • Full Exercise SupportDon't know how to do an exercise? No problem. Full support will be provided by Jay to ensure that you know how to execute your workouts throughout.
  • Custom Cardio EnhancementCustomized cardio/conditioning program to further enhance the effects of your workout plan. Designed based on your goals & preferences.
  • Custom Supplement EnhancementCustomized supplement regimen to further enhance the effects of your nutrition plan. Discounts on supplements will also be included to save on results!
  • Phone Training Sessions (4)Bump up the interactivity w/ actual phone-based training sessions. You will schedule your sessions w/ Jay in order to discuss your programming, gain motivation & obtain the accountability needed to break through plateaus.
  • VIP Email SupportAn enhancement on your weekly check-ins. Receive feedback any time as well as advice by being added to the VIP email list. Your emails will be received and responded to at a higher level of urgency.

You can purchase additional 30 minute phone sessions to add to the package of your choice HERE.  The Premier VIP plan includes 4, 30 minute sessions already.


View Mobile Friendly Chart Here!


Still unsure about which plan may be the best for you?  Check out our FAQ/Nutrition and our FAQ/Workout pages for more information or contact us!


"I asked Jay to write me a meal plan a couple of months ago.  I wanted to have a competitive meal plan along with the workouts I was doing to maximize my weight loss potential.  Jay took my goals and comprised a meal plan to fit them.  Jay also kept following up with me to ensure I was following the plan and to check progress.  I am still on my journey but I wouldn't be where I am now without the great assistance from Jay!  I highly recommend Jay to anyone looking to lose just a few pounds or over 100!"

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