ALL NEW: MLP 8 Week Challenges!

So many of you have probably seen the buzz coming from my social networks, site, etc these past few days about the upcoming challenges that will be starting monthly.  There is buzz because I am excited people, and you should be too!


These challenges are open to any and everyone, and the prize is the greatest of all, both for your health AND your wallet…FREE results and even MORE free training!

How It Works:

Here’s the deal…you go and check out the details of the challenge HERE, and once you decide “damn, I need to jump on this”, you then visit the link to pay your entry fee in order to claim your spot in the challenge.  Next, you will receive an email with your challenge packet including the FATBlast 1.0 ebook, the AB Blast ebook and a link to our nutrition form for you to fill out in order to receive the most accurate nutrition programming & guidance possible.

Why do I have to claim my spot?

You have to claim your spot because each challenge will have a maximum of 12 people in it.  This is to ensure that maximum interactivity is maintained with each challenger as needed throughout each 8 week challenge.  Too many people and it becomes a free-for-all, with people getting lost in the crowd and therefore lost in confusion, and results.

What is the total cost to enter?

The cost for you to enter a challenge is $50, which includes the FATBlast 1.0 ebook, AB Blast ebook and your fully customized nutrition program to accompany your workouts!  Once again, this is to ensure that ALL challengers have the best opportunity at results possible, and that they are as well-equipped as possible to make that happen.

When does each challenge start?

The challenge will start 5 days from the time we bring on 6 challengers (so programming can be put together for everyone).  The maximum for each challenge will be 12 people.

How is the winner determined?

The winner of the challenge is determined by a combination of overall results (weight change, inches, strength, stamina, etc) and an assessment of overall effort determined by interactivity, asking of questions, social engagement.  Each challenger will be required to do the following:

State Your Initial Goal
Using the Goal Analysis form, state what your goal is! This information will be saved in order to not only determined the greatest change for each person, but to also aid in programming/guidance for each person as specifically as possible.

Be Interactive
Maintain interactivity throughout the challenge! Jay will not only be customizing your program, but he will also be training and guiding you throughout the process. The more interactivity there is, the greater your chance of winning, since overall effort will be taken into account when choosing a winner.

Report Your Results
State your overall changes in inches, weight, stamina, weights used or whatever else you used to gauge your progress throughout. There will be a challenge summary form sent out for this purpose.  The greatest overall progress along with an assessment of effort/interactivity will determine the winner!

The more specific you are in your initial and final reports along with updates throughout, the better you will understand your programming, I will understand your goal to program for and the better your chance of overall success, and of course winning!

What is the prize?

The winner of the challenge will receive a FULL REFUND of their $50 enrollment, and they will also receive the ALL NEW Level 3 nutrition/workout program guidance package.  The winner will not only have the feeling of gaining success, but the great feeling of knowing that it didn’t cost a penny!  This prize package will contain the following:

  • Fully Customized Nutrition Programming

  • Fully Customized Workout Programming

  • Fully Customized Cardio Programming to supplement your workouts

  • Fully Customized Supplement Guidance which equips you with knowing which supplements you need to best attack your goals

  • Full VIP email support for the quickest response to questions, concerns, etc.

I have always told people that what you can not afford with money, you can make up with hard work, and this challenge series is designed specifically to reflect that.  If you want it bad enough you will work for it, and if you need it more than anyone you will OUTWORK the opposition!

More information and package links can be found on the official MLP 8 Week Challenge page HERE, and any questions that you may have can be submitted below for a prompt response.  Let’s have fun, let’s get those goals and let’s be stronger than yesterday Team MLPeople!

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