NEW Blog!

This is just an introductory post to say that the MLP Blog is about to be UP and kicking!


What to expect from this blog!?


Everything.  E-va-ra-thang??  E-va-ra-thang! (Kat Williams voice)


Seriously though….expect to have access to entries covering all of your popular fitness topics such as nutrition, cardio, resistance training, weight loss, muscle building and more!  This information will come in the form of recipes, motivational quotes and words to get you going, workouts, explanations of exercises, special offers on MLP Training Options and whatever the majority may lead me to produce to better educate all of you Team MLPeople!

Also, for daily workouts, full nutrition logging and calculation, progress tracking and more check out the MLP Members Only Section!


Thank you for your constant support and for being the force that truly makes Team MLP stronger than yesterday.


  • Jay Johnson


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