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Hit Your Triceps & Save Your Elbows With One Move

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We’ve all had it, well most of us…that twinge of pain or even just a feeling of pressure in your elbows during your favorite triceps moves. What if I told you that the pain didn’t have to be there and that you could actually hit your triceps HARDER with one small move of the wrist? One of the long time favorite moves for hitting the triceps and getting that burn is and always will be the triceps pressdown.  Whether it be on cables or bands, it gives a great burn, but it can also give your elbows a small dose…

ALL NEW: MLP 8 Week Challenges!

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So many of you have probably seen the buzz coming from my social networks, site, etc these past few days about the upcoming challenges that will be starting monthly.  There is buzz because I am excited people, and you should be too!   These challenges are open to any and everyone, and the prize is the greatest of all, both for your health AND your wallet…FREE results and even MORE free training! How It Works: Here’s the deal…you go and check out the details of the challenge HERE, and once you decide “damn, I need to jump on this”, you…

Shoulder Workouts & Techniques For Boulder Shoulders!

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Summer is coming fellas and the time is now to get that V taper in place and get the rounder O shape out! The path to get this shape is and always will be to nail your chest, bis, tris, back and ab workouts…but what about your shoulder workouts? I feel like I talk to guys all the time that tell me about all of the chest and biceps work they’ve been doing…every day…every week…well, you get the point.  I don’t often hear though about guys getting too excited about their shoulder workouts and if they are, then it seems like…

3 Reasons Your Cardio Workouts Are Not Working

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Your current cardio workouts may not be “working out”, at least as well as you had hoped they would. That is ok though because believe it or not, cardio workouts are not as simple as “burning this amount of calories on the screen” or “doing what that person does”…it is a bit more complex than that if you want the BEST results possible. Now, this doesn’t mean that the workouts will be harder to do for you, it just means that you may have to pay more attention to HOW and WHEN you are doing these workouts to effectively burn…

Burn Fat by Using More Muscle Groups!

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Let me guess…when you think of your goals to burn fat, you most likely want to hit “this” and “that”…right?   Instead of focusing on one specific muscle that you want to pop that much more from your toning efforts, why not hit your entire body during your entire workout?  The most likely solution to your toning issues is to burn fat, so do what you need to do in order to not “hit” that one muscle but to dust the crap off of your body as a whole.  Use moves that hit multiple muscle groups in order to multiply…

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