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RECIPE: Woodsy Eggplant Jerky

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Are you vegetarian looking to add a great, smoky flavored snack option to your diet? How about those of you just wanting to add a good low calorie, nutrient-dense snack to your mid-day repertoire?

Either way, this Woodsy Eggplant Jerky is guaranteed to light your taste buds up, and with the added seasonings and spices your metabolism will thank you too!


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Ok people, there are SO many drinks out there these days, ranging from energy drinks, vitamin drinks, zero sugar drinks and on…and on. What if I told you that I have gotten to not only give a test drive to a drink that was actually ALL of these things, but that I loved it and I know that you will too?   Well, I’m telling you now after giving the all new KILL CLIFF Recovery Drinks a go, and getting to let my clients do the same that this stuff is the real deal! At first glance I was excited…

3 Ways Your Body Uses Your Diet

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Do you ever think about how your body uses your diet? I didn’t think so, but you should!  Not only that, but you should think about when you are hungry, WHAT exactly your body is craving. If you do this, then you may find that a lot of times what your body is hungry for is exactly what it needs and not necessarily just what your mind wants.  High intensity cardio days cause me to crave carbs at a higher rate than normal whereas long mornings of back-to-back clients will cause me to reach for nuts or some other form…

ALL NEW: MLP 8 Week Challenges!

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So many of you have probably seen the buzz coming from my social networks, site, etc these past few days about the upcoming challenges that will be starting monthly.  There is buzz because I am excited people, and you should be too!   These challenges are open to any and everyone, and the prize is the greatest of all, both for your health AND your wallet…FREE results and even MORE free training! How It Works: Here’s the deal…you go and check out the details of the challenge HERE, and once you decide “damn, I need to jump on this”, you…

Isopure. The Best Whey to Go?

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Ok people….there are a lot of things that you can do to be healthier day-by-day, and I mean a LOT. We hear so much about low carb diets, no carb diets, low fat diets and on and on. Even though the marketing around all of these temporary fads is revolved around making them seem “easy”…they are not.  Not only are they not easy at all, but in most cases they aren’t even healthy for you in the long run. Today we’re not talking about fads, carbs, fats or even diets for that matter…we are talking about protein.  No, not the…

Top 3 Fat Fighting Fats!

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When you think of a healthy diet, you think “low fat”…right?  These days you also hear a lot about “low carb” diets and foods no doubt but the most widely thought of term when thinking of dieting for weight loss is still “low fat”.   Why?  Well for the same reasons that people think  they can’t have carbs anymore…they aren’t disciplined enough to not eat the whole damn bag, or tub, or whatever contains their favorite carb-y goodness.  This is a mistake that you can NOT make though, with carbs OR with fats because pretty soon we’ll all be sitting…

How Drinking Milk Can Help A Hardgainer Get Bigger!

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For hardgainers who can’t get the scale where they want it, milk may be the answer! This is an article of mine geared towards people struggling to GAIN weight, and how drinking milk can be huge in breaking that plateau! Featured on a few times, this article is still not only accurate but useful as well! Calories will always be an effective supplement, as they represent our bodies as  whole. Making sure that your nutrition and workout programming both make sense is crucial when tackling any fitness goal. Do you ever feel like no matter how much you lift…

Top 3 Reasons Why Carbs Are NOT Bad!

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Carbs are not bad! I feel as though the closer the warm months get to us, the further away the carbs are…because people start running from them.   This is not only a miserable mentality, but it’s not even healthy. Yes, it is actually UNHEALTHY to cut all of your carbs from your diet. With that being said, let’s go over the top 3 reasons why it is actually beneficial to have carbs as a part of your diet!   1) Your metabolism will love you. Yes, yes it will! Think about your life as a whole and the things…

Never Say Never, People!

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The following article was web published in the February issue of Elevate Lifestyle Magazine and discusses common dietary mistakes made by the masses, and also discusses how YOU can prevent making the same mistakes!   Never say never, people! No, I’m not talking about Justin Bieber and hit singles that should have never happened; I’m talking about bad dietary advice. As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I get a lot of questions about specific types of foods- such as if they are okay to have or should be “completely cut out”. Here’s the thing; as soon as I hear…

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