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ALL NEW: MLP 8 Week Challenges!

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So many of you have probably seen the buzz coming from my social networks, site, etc these past few days about the upcoming challenges that will be starting monthly.  There is buzz because I am excited people, and you should be too!   These challenges are open to any and everyone, and the prize is the greatest of all, both for your health AND your wallet…FREE results and even MORE free training! How It Works: Here’s the deal…you go and check out the details of the challenge HERE, and once you decide “damn, I need to jump on this”, you…

Humpday SALE! Save 40% Now!

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Save 40% on any of the customized nutrition & workout programming options below with the MLP Humpday sale! Hit your goals from every angle, have a direct path to results and save 40% on that path now! Check out the features below, make your choice and enter the coupon code MLPHUMPDAY40 at checkout!           Not exactly sure which package may be best for you?  Fill out the questions below and Jay will help you choose the best plan for your goals!  You can also use these links to learn more about what you get with the…

Client Spotlight: Justin Marks Makes His Return To The NASCAR/Xfinity Circuit

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Win the Day.  This is the saying that keeps my man Justin Marks on track when it comes to all of his goals, whether it be workout related, nutrition related or performance related…and it works.  When “performing” has to be done at 190mph for longer periods of time than the average person would even want to sit in a car cruising 60mph on a road trip, it’s no wonder that this guy has to BE a machine to drive these machines. Having lost 13 pounds in the past 4 weeks while cranking out his workouts and eating MORE carbs than…

MLP Gift Certificates Now Available!

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MLP gift certificates are now available! Give the gift of fitness to the someone you love, or even yourself to use at a later date!  MLP gift certificates are valid to be used towards any MLP personal training option and range from $100-$1000 or more upon request.  Purchasing an MLP gift certificate is as easy as 1-2-3…just follow the steps below to have your gift certificate emailed to your loved one today, schedule it to be sent on a specific date or print it out for delivery in person!   1.  Visit and go to the Personal Training Options…

NEW Blog!

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This is just an introductory post to say that the MLP Blog is about to be UP and kicking!   What to expect from this blog!?   Everything.  E-va-ra-thang??  E-va-ra-thang! (Kat Williams voice)   Seriously though….expect to have access to entries covering all of your popular fitness topics such as nutrition, cardio, resistance training, weight loss, muscle building and more!  This information will come in the form of recipes, motivational quotes and words to get you going, workouts, explanations of exercises, special offers on MLP Training Options and whatever the majority may lead me to produce to better educate all…

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